Product Features

· Have good flexibility and mechanical properties.

 · Photoelectric integration, fully conserve pipeline resources 

· The cable part and the optical cable part are relatively independent structure, which is convenient for the introduction, the lead out and the connection of the installation. 

· Will power lines, telephone lines, TV lines, cable, monitoring line, data line and other network, save the cost

 · Greater operating temperature range

 · Greater construction temperature range

 · Optical cable diameter and bending radius are small, in the next small space also can freely install compatible optical signal transmission and power transmission at the same time.

Technical Advantages

· Optimization of transmission line design, energy saving effect is significant

 · One, the transmission of electrical energy in the transmission of information at the same time, and can detect the line working state

 · Fiber composite in the wire, stop by ground lightning fiber broken, broken wire 

· Will not be due to the role of the field strength caused by cable suffered electrical corrosion or damage caused by cable, broken fiber accident

 · There is no hidden danger to the original route with additional line load.

Product Application

· Telecom Network Construction

 · Construction of communication base stations in rural and remote areas of cities and towns

 · Urban residential communities and buildings in the optical fiber 

· Security monitoring project

 · And other occasions where information and power are needed.

 · Product standards 

· Light cable tensile, impact, bending, flattening, torsion, winding and wear in compliance with YD/T901-2001 requirements

USB / type-C

photoelectric composite cables

Customizable Styles

HDMI / dp

photoelectric composite cables

Customizable Styles

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