Intimate behavior factsheet. Resources of information and major alterations in behavior

Intimate behavior factsheet. Resources of information and major alterations in behavior

First Intercourse

  • The age that is average very very very very first sexual intercourse has dropped from 17 to 16 both for gents and ladies.(2)
  • Almost a 3rd (30 percent) of males and one fourth (26 percent) of females aged 16–19 very very first had sexual activity before the chronilogical age of 16.
  • About 80 % of people aged 16–24 said they’d utilized a condom if they first had intercourse, in contrast to 40 % of the inside their very early 30s. Not as much as one in ten (7.4 percent males, 9.8 percent ladies) had utilized no contraception after all once they first had intercourse, compared with about 25 % of these within their very early 30s.
  • First sex was more prone to be unprotected when it comes to youngest age ranges. Whenever sex that is first at age 13–14, 31 percent of males and 33.6 % of females didn’t usage condoms, and 18 % of males and 22 % of females used no contraception at all. It is far lower than survey whenever around 60 % of 13–14 12 months men that are old over 50 % of 13–14 yr old ladies utilized no contraception once they first had intercourse.

Sexual intercourse

  • The frequency that is average of sexual intercourse each month ended up being 6.4 for males and 6.5 for females.
  • In excess of three-quarters of both women and men had skilled dental intercourse in the previous 12 months, a small enhance over a decade ago.
  • One or more in ten had had rectal intercourse (12.3 percent males, 11.3 % of females) within the previous year, an amazing enhance study as soon as the proportions had been 7 % and 6.5 % correspondingly.

Intimate issues

  • One out of 16 (6.2 %) guys and something in six (15.6 %) females had skilled a intimate issue in the last year which lasted at the least 6 months. The absolute most common issue for males ended up being early orgasm, as well as for females not enough fascination with sex(6).
  • Shorter term dilemmas (with a minimum of 30 days) have been skilled by about a 3rd of males and over 50 % of ladies.

Northern Ireland

The Natsal studies would not expand to Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, a significant survey associated with the intimate attitudes and lifestyles of 14–25 12 months olds had been carried out. The primary findings are much like those for the uk.

  • About a 3rd of young adults had first had intercourse before 17, the appropriate chronilogical age of permission in Northern Ireland during the time (now amended to 16), and over 25 % before 16. The age that is average very very very first intercourse had been 15.6 years (15 for guys and 16 for females), a comparable such as the uk.
  • Almost three-quarters (72.4 %) had utilized contraception if they first had intercourse. Over a 3rd (36 percent) had utilized condoms alone, over one fourth (27.8 %) utilized condoms as well as another technique, and 8.6 percent utilized another technique.
  • One out of nine (10.9 %) males plus one in 28 (3.6 %) ladies reported intercourse by having a sexpartner that is same at minimum one event. About 2 percent (2.4 per cent males, 1.4 percent ladies) stated that they had just ever been drawn to the exact same intercourse.


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